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The Playground is for anyone who loves to act. In a city that swallows up thousands of us lot every year we are offering a space to come and keep your acting bones strong and your minds sharp. There ain’t no pretension here, this ain’t no thirty quid class up west. This is actors improvising, devising, messing up, messing about, keeping fit and keeping your eye on the prize. We want The Playground to be a hub of actors and creatives where you can keep your head in the game and meet like minded people. They’ll be writers, filmmakers, theatre-makers, candlestick makers and we aim to put people together that will create great work for the future! If you haven’t been in a show for while, or if you are rehearsing for a show right now, if you are currently in a show or making a movie, doing short films, or filming adverts, if you’re a comedian, a clown, a method actor, an in-yer-face fanatic, a bedroom monologuer, if you’re fresh out of drama school or you graduated twenty years ago, come down to the Playground, let’s start a fucking army, or a family whichever one sounds preferable to you, lets act like lunatics in a room and get back to what we love and why we chose to do all this in the first place… Acting! 




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