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The Company

We're all wicked tongue and vivacious spirit. 

UNPOLISHED THEATRE is an Olivier award winning company based in London. Founded in 2017 by Elliot Warren and Olivia Brady. The company aim to give voices to the unheard and fire out voracious theatre, jam-packed with heart and soul.

Elliot and Olivia both studied acting at the Arts University Bournemouth where they survived on 25p noodles and cups of tea for three years. It was here that their final showcase, their 'piece de resistance' as it were was formed. An odd little 10 minute show called 'Unpolished'. (Little did they know that name would undoubtedly stick with them.)


Their friendship and working relationship grew stronger after graduation and after appearing in a handful of amateur dramatics plays together they found themselves in a cafe, on a hill, somewhere in London deciding that they were to form their own theatre company. 

Unpolished was birthed alongside their first show, Flesh and Bone.

Though it wasn't until The Pleasance Theatre awarded the company with the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund after three auditions, one consisting of a ten minute mash-up/trailer version of Flesh and Bone being performed, did they begin their theatrical journey! 

The Pleasance Theatre are a wonderful, hard-working team and Unpolished would not exist how it does today if it wasn't for them.


In 2019 Flesh and Bone WON an Olivier Award for 'Outstanding Achievement In Affiliate Theatre'.  It is already in early development stages to be turned into a TV series. 


Unpolished also run an acting workshop every Wednesday evening called the Unpolished Playground. 

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